Data Archive Geo (DAG)

Find and Retrieve Data

Searching data 

All members of the faculty can search data in DAG. All data packages, both open and restricted, can be found via the search functionality. Only the metadata that is entered during the deposit will be searchable. Your pending deposits cannot be found via search. 

You can search via the main search-bar above the menu. It will provide you with initial search-results, which you can further refine. From the search-results you can navigate to the landing page of a specific data package and assess in detail whether the data package is of relevance to you. 

Note: DAG is intended for research data that may not (yet) be published, therefore you cannot search its contents via external search engines or web portals. 

Accessing data 

Access depends on the access category of the data package 

  • Open data. Open data can be downloaded directly. 
  • Restricted data. You can contact the contact person of the data package, or the manager of the archive (you can reach them at They can discuss the terms for accessing and using the data and provide the data on an agreed location. 

Reusing data 

Data archived here is intended for use by the UU Geosciences faculty for reuse within the faculty. you should respect the university code of conduct and the policy framework for research data, and any specific conditions specified by the data owners.  

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