Data Archive Geo (DAG)


DAG is an internal research data archive for the faculty of Geosciences. It is meant to preserve and share your research data within the faculty, when these cannot (yet) be made accessible via public repositories such as Pangaea or Yoda. 

All faculty researchers can use DAG;

  • to deposit their research data and control access (if needed) 
  • to search and consult all data sets contained in DAG

By archiving your data in DAG:

  • contribute to open science by placing your data in a long-term archive and sharing with the faculty
  • protect the data in the long term against loss and deterioration
  • Protect the data against inappropriate access
  • Make your data FAIR:
    • Findable – Your data will be findable by your UU Geoscience faculty colleagues
    • Accessible – Your (meta)data will be accessible to the faculty, and open to an appropriate degree depending on data sensitivity
    • Interoperable – Your data will have interoperable metadata, and with the archive we will promote open interoperable file formats.
    • Re-usable – Your data will be available for reuse by your colleagues, and the archive will promote documentation to increase re-usability.

The guidelines are intended to guide researchers to archive and reuse the research data in DAG.

These guidelines are created and maintained in cooperation with researchers and supporters from different divisions of the faculty.

This site contains manuals, instructions, and guidelines on how to use the DAG. To get started, click the menus above, or go directly to the DAG and click on the ? Guidance button when you need help.

To access the DAG, click here.

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