Data Archive Geo (DAG)

Depositing Overview

When you click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the DAG Home page or you select the menu option ‘Deposit’ in the black menu bar, you will open the Deposit area. This area starts with an overview of pending deposits. Here you see if there are any deposits which are not finalized. If there are, you can click on them under ‘name’ to reopen and continue the deposit. If you want to start a new deposit, click at the top right on the button ‘Start new deposit’.

When you are in the Deposit area, you can start with uploading your data. However it would be good to consider first if you have made the proper preparations. Please check the ‘Before depositing’ page to find out if your data has an adequate quality level. When it does, you can start depositing. Please check the ‘During depositing’ page to find out what steps should be taken. For your convenience the steps are numbered at the top of the page. With the yellow button at the right side of the page you can go to the next step. You can always go back with the grey button on the left side of the page. When you enter the third step (submit data), a check will be performed if the previous steps have been successfully completed.

When the data is uploaded and documented correctly, the terms and conditions should be accepted by clicking on the radio button. After that you can click on the button ‘Submit data’. Then a confirmation page that your data is deposited will be shown. When the deposition is processed, a notification will be sent to the user in DAG and can be found in the user menu in the top right corner. This notification can be used to find the unique identifier of the registered data package in DAG.

When you have deposited a data package in DAG, you are still in control of your data. Please check the ‘After depositing’ page to find out what possibilities you as data depositor in DAG has and how you can execute them.